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Good Afternoon!

So today started out fantastic with shining sun and blue skies, a picture perfect Fall day, that officially start tomorrow btw. Though I retired my flip flops about a week or so ago, it got too cold here for flip flops. :-(
If I was in Vegas I could still wear them, basically year round flip flop weather there.
I am packing a few pairs on my upcoming Vegas trip.
But now it's overcast out. Bleh. I just gorged myself on one apple fritter and a carrot cake covered with very sweet frosting, I think I overdid it actually. In a bit I am going to get a sandwich and head home. I need to squeeze in brushing Chhaya, mopping the floor, walking Chhaya and going for a run (fourth day in a row if I run today) before work tonight.
Here are some more pics.....I had 700 pics to go through from this shoot, I narrowed it down to about 160 that I liked and picked out a few from that, not an easy task!

Photographer Eye on Alaska. Location Stormy Lake.


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Alvin T. on :

I'm in love!

Tatiana on :

HA HA! Thanks Alvin.......

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