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You don't eat donuts!

Today I took Chhaya for a walk around a lake. It was wet and soggy and I passed up some large piles of poop that I think came from a bear.
That always makes me feel really small and helpless.
After the walk I headed into town and as I was entering The Moose Is Loose a lady passed me up, looked me up and down and said, "You don't eat donuts, you are too skinny!". I told her that I get stuff from The Moose Is Loose all the time, they even know what I want when I go in there.
Then I decided to go running today, I haven't done that for over a week, last time was the Sunday before I went to Anchorage.
When I got home I ate and crawled in bed with Chhaya, when six PM came along I peered out the window, it was drizzling out and I didn't feel motivated at all to go for a run. But I forced myself and now 29 minutes later, that's how long the run took, I am sitting here sweaty and feeling so much better. I was starting to feel stagnant and saggy, kind of like a donut.......
I decided to go running four more times before this week is over, but don't take my word for it. What's sounds good today might not become reality tomorrow. And if it rains really hard or gets too windy I am going to skip out on the running. I am not THAT motivated.
Now.......bath time! I am working tonight!


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