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Let's have a talk about Summer's Eve......

Sometimes when I am at work I see girls spray down their VAGINE and the chosen panties they are wearing for the evening with some Summer's Eve feminine deodorant spray. I guess you spray that stuff down there if you have a stinky VAGINE or if you want to prevent a stinky VAGINE later in the evening. Yes? No? I mean, a few months ago this girl at work would spray some serious amounts down there, a cloud of Summer's Eve would form in the dressing room, I don't like the way it smells.
Now ladies, if some of you reading this are users of this product......don't get offended.
But if you need to spray deodorant on your private parts at work or at home or wherever, then something might be wrong down there. That's my take on it.
It could be yeast, BV......something, go get it checked! Get a VAGINE STD screening kit, sold in the store. Infections happen, that's life. The PH balance down there could be off, that's normal too.
If you follow a, what I consider, proper hygiene routine before work by taking a shower then the VAGINE should stay fresh and odor free for the reminder of the evening. At least my does. Now if I would walk around for four, five days or so without showering and then go to work I might have a smelly VAGINE too, I will admit to that but that would never happen. I always take a shower.
And this goes for all the ladies out there, not only girls that work in strip clubs. Take a shower before hanging out in a setting that means you will spend time closely to others.
It's just that I see things in the clubs dressing room that most girls with "regular" jobs would never see their girlfriends do. Like spray down their VAGINES with Summer's Eve or inspecting that area for possible toilet paper crumbs before stage.
Actually one of the nicest compliments I have ever gotten was from a man that told me that he had seen me many times at work and that he thought I always looked so clean and fresh, he also added.....some of the other girls don't seem to take good care of themselves.
Have I ever been around dancers with bad hygiene? Yes, of course. You wanna hear some stories? I though so......
First of all, I think it is a sign of very bad hygiene when some girls let guys touch them down there. That is absolutely nasty. They don't know what's on those fingers. Even women that work in legal brothels take better precaution.
One girl I worked with had absolutely disgusting BO. I don't think she showered often or ever used deodorant. Guys she danced for would be grossed out. I caught a whiff of her more than once, since her locker was close to mine. I told one of her friends to please have a talk with her.
Another girl I worked with, that I suspect was somewhat mentally disturbed.......was smelly too. She once bled in her panties and was going to continue wearing them that night, I donated a pair of black never used thongs that I had in my bag, told her to keep them. We actually suspected that she rarely washed her panties and she wore them over and over again.
And then......OH LORD......while I was away in Vegas for six months a while back, a girl that I used to work with at The Bush in Anchorage worked at the club down here in Soldotna. They still talk about her extremely stinky VAGINE that you supposedly could smell from far away. Customers would leave the stage when she went up, other girls were complaining and management talked to her. I heard that she liked that she smelled that way, she was well aware of it, she supposedly thought guys liked that. Well, I am sure some guys are into a strong fishy odor and dirty ass smell.
I can only speak for myself when I say that I would never be intimate with a person if they had a bad smell down there.
Not taking a shower for a few days is fine with me (unless you work in a strip club or other setting where you are close to people) but when there is a strong odoriferous cloud surrounding you, then there is a problem.
So to get back to the topic of Summer's Eve deodorant......I have never used it, don't think I need to. Also douching is something that I think is strange.
I suspect it is not that good for you. The VAGINE is good at cleaning itself. And a girl from Somalia taught me how to clean my VAGINE. Besides washing it I mean. But that's a story for another time.
I actually DID stink at work once. I smelled something sour on me and couldn't at first figure out what it was a self tanner that I used that night. When it developed a few hours later it smelled sour, too bad because the color was great with sparkles in it.


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Dirty on :

Douching has been PROVEN to cause infections in the VAGINE, especially BACTERIAL infections which occur when the PH is not right inside the vagine. Also, using sprays like Summer's EVE or any type of perfume can cause similar infections that require a doctor's visit and expensive medication to get rid of....Tatiana is right about the vagine cleaning itself and not needing store bought products that are only used to make girls think that their vagines are dirty and need constant cleansing with man made products......SO, leave your vagines alone and they will be fine. If they smell bad, go to your doctor or women's clinic and have it looked at and tested by someone with a medical degree, ie, a doctor.

Tatiana on :

Thanx for your input Dirty!
One time Tatiana and Dirty spent like 5 LONG hours at Planned Parenthood in Las Vegas because they wanted their VAGINES checked out, you know - a routine check up. Or was it Tatiana's VAGINE only?.......Hmmmm.....Tatiana can't remember all the datails but she does recall that they were there for forever!

Dirty on :

I remember that day, and a few years ago that clinic we were at got closed down because they didn't have the money to keep it open. Over the past few years a handful of Women's Clinics have been forced to close due to lack of funding. Kind of sad, because now it is very hard to get pap smears and birth control and stuff like that. Dirty has to go all the way out to Henderson to get her pap smears and birth control pills. The only good thing about the Henderson Clinic is that you make an appointment so you don't have to wait so long. Tatiana and I were at our clinic for HOURS and everyone had small kids and were speaking in Spanish.

Tatiana on :

LOL - Tatiana picked up some Spanish that day......
Dirty taught her, "Tu es mi novio". And, "Solamente veinte por un baila!" Good to know at work.......!
Also, "Marrekon y pendejo". Good to know when you meet somebody's family members that are male.
Oh.....and, "No quiero tener ninos."


Dirty on :

"Chinga tu madre!" __means "fuck your mother" (Dirty learned that one in jail...)

And "pendejo" is the worst thing you can call someone. Like calling someone an asshole or piece of shit.....

Tatiana on :

LOL! Is that why the Latin American men get upset when I yell "pendejo" in their face....?
And Tatiana knew the madre expression, she did not learn it in jail.....she picked that up in Sweden....

hi on :

what was it that the girl from somalia taught you???

Tatiana on :

The girl from Somalia (PJ) taught me this,

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