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When French-Iranian journalist Freidune Sahebjan published The Stoning Of Soraya M it became an international bestseller, focusing attention on the practice of stoning in Iran, as well as the lack of women's rights there. Despite official denials, untold numbers of people, mostly women, continue to be put to death by stoning in many countries around the world.

It's been raining all day, rain, rain, rain. What to do? Watch a movie. I just finished watching The Stoning Of Soraya M a movie based on a true story. It was difficult to watch because I know atrocities like these happen all the time, death by stoning - mostly women - even innocent women, not that it matters. You know, in some countries your husband can get rid of you like this if you become a nuisance to him. How people can stand by and watch a stoning or even participate in one is mind boggling to me. Mob mentality and feeble minded people. Very scary to know that they are out there. I am not pro any religion but I know what's RIGHT and WRONG.
Women are just as valuable as men, women should have the same rights as men. Equality. It seems like some religions don't look at that issue the same way as I do. I don't know why anyone would want to be part of a religion like that. The acting in The Stoning Of Soraya M is exceptional, it must had been mentally difficult for the actors to put themselves through that process. The movie is difficult to watch and yes, I cried. I cried for that poor woman, her children, her loving aunt Zahra and everybody else that has been found guilty when innocent.
It happens in the US too. Though here people don't get dragged to the town square, bound, put waist deep in the ground and stoned to death by anyone willing to participate.
One more thing, this movie is based on a book. The book has been banned in Iran........

Don't act like the hypocrite,
Who thinks he can conceal his wiles
While loudly quoting the Koran.

- Hazef, 14th Century Iranian poet

I have to start getting ready for work. I am kind of drained and not motivated. It feels kind of meaningless. But you never know, I might have a fun night!

I should add here that I am far from free of faults. But I usually know when I do something wrong and I can admit to it and also apologize.
I am just a girl that has moments of almost permanent self-assuredness that thinks people out there actually care about what I have to say.


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Mr. B on :

And that permanent self-assuredness makes her permanently sexy.

And backstopped with the Glock I'm betting on fewer flying stones!

Mr. B on :

Hello, Tatiana.
Do you get many nuisance bloggers?

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