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Tonight I sat home and watched The Cove . It's a documentary about the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. September is when the season for slaughtering the dolphins begins. So it's going on right now - unless people can stop it.

You can sign an online petition

I am not sure if this petition is outdated, the movie was made in 2009. But I still signed it.
You should too, it only takes a minute!
In the documentary you can watch the dolphins get slashed while the ocean is red from their blood.
I would rather beg for money on the street than make a living like that. And dolphin meat is high in mercury, enjoy eating it.
People are disgusting. But what else is new?
And yes, of course I am against dolphins being used at aquariums world wide, like Sea World for example. Even when the excuse is made that we can "learn something" from them. How would you like if somebody caged you up for the reminder of your life and studied you? Ponder that for a minute.

Anyways, I am at home tonight. Thinking about the evil things humans do to animals, the environment and each other. I am glad I don't have kids. I wouldn't want my offspring to grow up in this world.


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ed on :

Marco Is., Florida has no crime and Key West is similiar because roads out are controled. Key West has dance clubs, beautiful weather all year, crystal clear waters and lots of activities. I will take the ferry over to sell my art work to the hords of tourist. Why live in freezing temperatures with anti-social humanoids. Life is too short at this stage. Something to consider ed

Tatiana on :

LOL! But Ed....not everybody I encounter in Alaska is anti social (or violent to women) ! Sure the winters are long and cold. But I live in a house on 8 acres and my dog loves it and I have a place in Vegas too.
Plus, I might not stay here for forever either.....
I am sure Florida is absolutely beautiful! Maybe I'll go there one day.

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