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Nothing exciting

Nothing exciting is currently happening here is the super boring town of Kenai that I live in.
It is getting cold and soon the snow will settle in and stay on the ground for about six months.
I have a photo shoot in Anchorage next week but more on that later.
I still don't have my pics that I did last month in Captain Cook State Park, as soon as I do I will put them up here.
Last night I stayed home.....I watched Kick-Ass. If you haven't seen it you should, it is a cute movie about some super heroes. I liked it.
I think that I have my work travels pretty much planned out for this fall. But more on that later too.
Today I am getting a latte, doing laundry and probably.....maybe working. I might go to Homer for a day or two later this week. I haven't been there all summer and I think that I want to go and eat something good and see the sights.
Oh and I was THIS close to having a head on car collision today. I was driving into town when some person in a red car decided to come completely into MY lane, straight at me. I had to get all the way over on the side lane and on the dirt road and whoever that freak was missed me by a hair and after passing me up steered their car back into the lane he/she was supposed to be in. WTF? That was the closest I have ever been to a crazy accident. Lucky me I am driving my large
F 250 today, the other car would had been smashed completely if the accident would had happened.


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