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Work stories from last night.....

A typical evening at the strip club.....Tatiana arrived around 9 30 PM and went straight to her locker. Changed out of her black Miss Sixty jeans, two pink and gray layered shirts from Victoria's Secret and pink flip flops into a peach colored panty and black triangle cut bikini top. Slipped into her 7'' Stardust platform heels. Put on some earrings and applied some lip gloss.
It was a slow night but even on a slow night Tatiana deals with all kinds of people.
For example, two drunk girls came in. Both around 30, definitely seen better days.
First they seemed fine but the more they drank the angrier they got. They were hustling random guys for drinks, trying to look "sexy" by dancing all over each other, badly copying some grinding moves they studied on MTV.
Then they started becoming insulting. Even a random guy noticed and asked the bartender to kick them out of the club because of how they were acting, bothering everybody around them. So, of course both of them just happened to sit at Tatiana's stage when it was her time to go up. Tatiana overheard one guy tell one of his friends that he thought she was very beautiful.
The chunkier of the two lard asses didn't like that a bit and her jealousy got the best of her. LOL. Well at the end of her two songs Tatiana let the cow (sorry to all the real cows out there, you are so much better than that woman) know that she could just shut her ugly trap because she will NEVER ever be like Tatiana. Really. Unless you are an Adriana Lima look wise and have the ability to beat Tatiana in chess AND carry on an intelligent convo raging in different topics then you really should be quiet. Do not sit at the stage in a strip club and talk shit unless you want to be put in your place, loudly in front of everyone. Nobody wants to buy you and your friend a drink, buy the drinks yourselves.....and good luck finding a new man too. Go home and take care of your kids instead of making a spectacle of yourselves, trying to act sexy while looking pathetic.
Later on Tatiana met three very nice men visiting this area. They were having a great time and it is always so nice to meet good people. One of them had MS and he was rather affected by it. Made Tatiana sad and very reflective over life.
She also had to deal with a group of Neanderthals out having a good time.
Understand that it is NOT ok to try to touch the girls when they are on the stage, ESPECIALLY anywhere close to their private parts. That just might result in the girl taking all the $ you just put up on that stage, getting annoyed and leaving the stage. And no, Tatiana has no desire AT ALL to "hang out" with you and your five drunk friends after work. Yes, she knows, this might be somewhat difficult for you to comprehend......but she rather be alone, any day. And projectile sneezing repeatedly in the dancers direction while she is on stage, without covering your mouth will also result in the dancer getting away from you, as far as she can. Gross! Tatiana doesn't need your sneeze on her perfect boobs. Sure, Tatiana sneezes too but she learned a long time ago how to sneeze in public. You should learn this also.
All of this and more in the span of about 6 hours. It was a slow night. After tipping out $ 125, Tatiana went home with $ 390.


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