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I could not pull up my blog from my house yesterday, don't know if the strong winds the other day blew a tower down or something? My internet was super slow and that was highly irritating.
Anyways, I brought the Tatiana show over to Coffee Roasters this afternoon. My make up artist is here, hair stylist, personal assistant, PR person - I roll like J LO, sans Casper of course. I am just sitting around looking cute & casual, writing my blog, posing for an occasional pic with a fan and writing autographs.

Have you read the story about the farm worker caught on camera abusing the turkeys at a Butterball turkey kill factor? More workers are being investigated.
You might not think it's a big deal to torture animals before they get slaughtered for consumption, hopefully you are a compassionate person and do care.
My eyes are full of tears and my hands are shaking right now when I am typing this because I feel upset and sad because of that. I do not eat turkey.
Those birds live a hellish life before they end up slaughtered. Sure the meat is tasty, I've had turkey before - until I started caring.
I am sure that the conditions for the factory/farm workers are bad and that they are underpaid and overworked. I feel bad for the people that work in factories.
But it is not the animals fault! If anything, the animals are the ones suffering the most. Animal abuse and torture is NEVER right. Would you feel ok eating a cow, pig, chicken or turkey if you knew somebody tortured it, made it suffer and scared it right before it died and eventually ended up at your plate? I hope not.
It is easier NOT to care, I know. Ignorance IS bliss. I have my own problems and things that I am sad and worried about. Like right now I am not at all motivated to go to work because it feels meaningless and boring. I have an awful mortgage to deal with. I have bad days. But at the same time, I have to care about things that are not right. And I can't stand animal abuse. So if you can, make at least one day or even better two days a week a meat free day, if you are a meat eater.
Look at the bigger picture. The world is about everybody and everything, not only YOU. Or me.


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Paul on :

Industrial food production is hell on animals and tough on the workers. Vegetarianism isn't the only answer. I buy humanely treated animal meat - check out the 1 to 5 rating Whole Foods uses. I am hope more people realize what's going on & act to reduce animal cruelty.

Tatiana on :

I agree, being a vegetarian is not the only anwer. Though one meat free day a week is a GOOD thing I think. And I LOVE Whole Foods, always the first place I go to when I go back to Vegas.

Kay on :

Have you watched FOOD INC. or TAPPED? Tapped is about the bottle water industry. I no longer buy bottled water because of what I learned . If you have not
Seen them you should.

Tatiana on :

I have not watched TAPPED.
I will look for it, thanks!

ed on :

You said ,'Ignorance is Bliss'. Insomnia and Denial are similiar illnesses. If not for ATTENTION tward clearing away my thoughts every few minutes, Republican politics would surely drive me insane. Strength of my Spirit over my weak mind is the only thing I can take with me to the grave. Piorities people have chosen must mean they are all athiest [of which they will deny]. Ha. Probably 20% of the homeless in Florida are children who at least sleep in a different bed every night, rather then in the woods. What a blessing to be able to sweep thoughts out of my mind continuously. Sympathy to all who remain imprisoned in poison. So be it... Well, laziness is one of the 7 deadly sins in scripture. ATTENTION is not a chore but a blessing. OK, be a willy nilly or a silly filly, or Christopher Columbus. Good Luck.

Tatiana on :

Yes Ed.....Thank You!

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