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Just a late night quickie blog, it's a little after midnight and I am watching TMZ with my feet propped up on a pillow. Seriously I should be part of the TMZ crew, I should contact Harvey......Harvey needs Tatiana!
Had a wonderful day with lots of eating and two baths. Got a lot done too. Feeling fat again because I have been scarfing down food and not moving more than necessary.
OMG, I just saw a pic on TMZ of Kim K's ass in some light colored stretch pants, at least my ass don't look like that. Sorry but THAT is not good looking to me, that ass is out of control huge.
I don't like flat butts either, actually I check out womens butts all the time. But too large is NOT cute to me. Though I did work with a girl at Whispers that had a huge butt, she told me she had butt implants, her butt was really big and didn't look real but it was really nice still and I was completely fascinated by that butt. I even asked if she and her butt had a fan club.
I was definitely a fan!
Starting to feel guilty about not working for the last couple of days, sometimes when I don't go in I feel like I am missing out on something......but really I am not besides some additional $ 100's in my stash of savings. It feels good to be home and lazy, for now.
But now I am going to curl up and sleep. GOOD NIGHT!


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