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I've took a few days break from work and from blogging. Did anyone miss me? :-)
Not much to report, I have been watching the Olympics, love the women gymnastics when they are on the mat. I tried that in second grade, my Mom enrolled me in gymnastics but I was too scared to do the flips. I wanted to ride horses instead. But my Mom was scared that the horses would hurt me, in the end the horses won.
And I have been cleaning and organizing. Besides that not much, got PMS and that affects me for a few days, I don't really get very productive when I have PMS. I feel like BLEH.........
Anyways, planning on going back to work tomorrow. Planning is the key word, that doesn't mean that I will!
Meanwhile, today I managed to make myself some breakfast.

Spent some time outside in the sun on the warm deck. I can't believe it is the last day of July today! HOW SAD!
Now I am at Coffee Roasters sipping on my latte.

Check out my NAZAR bracelets, I love them. I have one in my car in Vegas too, hanging from the rear view mirror. Nazar is like an evil eye stone, protecting the bearer from the evil eye. I got my first one from my friend Muge that lives in Turkey.


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Art on :

The sun today is like your smile, it warms everything around it. Have a good day.

Paul on :

I am addicted to this blog, you need to blog more often.

Tatiana on :

More often? LOL!
Give me until after the summer, right now I am busy with being outside and feeling lazy. But once it starts cooling off I will be inside more, climbing the walls with boredom.
As always......thanks for reading! :-)

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