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Gloria Allred to Tatiana's rescue!

Well, over the years I have done a bunch of photo shoots - I am by no means a Gisele Bundchen or Kate Moss ( I wish I was Kate) but I am decent.
I love photography, fashion magazines, beauty shots etc so to me it is fun to play model.
Most photographers I had the pleasure to work with have been professional and nice. I have some photos of myself that I am very happy with. But there are always exceptions. Once I met a slightly creepy photographer that kept on compliment me on my figure during the session.
Sure it is "nice" to get compliments but come on! And then he said something weird about my boobs and sucking on my nipples! Talk about awkward and creepy! AND gross! I basically shot him an icy look and said ICH DON'T THINK SO! I don't let random pervs suck on my boobs, what do I look like, a milk cow? YUCK.
Then I've had two photographers that did not deliver what they promised........the pics. And that really pisses me off. If I hold up my end of the bargain, my time, presence and efforts - then they should too. One incident was back in 2007 and I have kind of given up on getting my pics from that shoot, some of the pics were really cute, involving me in a girl scout uniform and also next to a huge teddy bear.
Well, then I also did a shoot last October while in Vegas. That guy is also not giving me my pics. And I am still dealing with him. What is making me upset is the way he is corresponding with me about this, he is angry, rude, making things up, though I have proof in form of emails but what really upset me is that in one of his emails he refers to me as a stripper in a derogatory manner. His words, "guess being a stripper in a bar is easier, since men pay you without you having to do anything but allow them to look at you naked. Stick with that "career".... It seems to be working for you." This man considers himself to be some big shot photographer, he is at least 30 years (or more) my senior, large, burly and extremely rude. I guess that my stripper career didn't bother him at all during the photo shoot. HA! Until that remark I had been very polite though I've felt annoyed because I think that he had more than sufficient time to get his thumb out of his ass and deliver me my pics.
He blames all of this on ME - of course, it is ALWAYS the models fault but see I am a rather organized and orderly person and I know that I have no fault in this. Funny how some men never admit their fault in a situation, maybe they think they are more important than they really are, like in this case.
Bringing up that I am a stripper has nothing to do with that he is not keeping his promise, it is just a way for him to try to put me down, make him feel better about himself. Let me tell you something, I'd rather be a stripper and a good person than an ass like him. Besides, I talked to another girl that has dealt with him and she told me that he has a reputation of being difficult and rude to the models he works with, he even stiffed her on some pics!
I wish I knew this before I spent about 7 hours of my valuable time with him for NOTHING, besides feeling upset now. He might be one of those men that hate women, he belongs in a Stieg Larsson book. I need Lisbeth to come and help me.
I should get in touch with Gloria Allred so she can lay down the law on him! Maybe I will call her on Monday....... ;-)

Besides this, I have been outside during most of the day today and yesterday. Sunny and nice.
I am tanning and enjoying the weather.
Had a vegetable craving, so after work last night I stopped at the store and got some veggies and made myself a large, delicious salad today.
Well, I have to start getting ready for a night of work. You "career" as a stripper IS indeed working for me.......


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