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First Shoot

Here are some pics from my very first shoot with Barry Gallegos back in September of 2007.
We shot all the pics at different locations at Lake Mead in Las Vegas, all was done that day.
It makes me feel weird to look at these pics because time goes by SO fast, TOO fast and I don't want it to!!!
Actually earlier today while laying in bed, still waking up I had a strong feeling that my life is just running through my fingers like sand through an hourglass, I felt very nostalgic. And sad.
It's a strange feeling, a difficult to pinpoint feeling when you sense that you are a mortal being....... Anyways, here are the pics. I think I pretty much look the same. Or? Well......actually I suspect that I might be about five lbs heavier now. But that's ok.
Me and Barry have done many shoots together, he is great and I am very comfortable around him. The pics are not photo shopped in any way to make me look different, what you see is the real deal. To see more amazing pics that Barry took of me in the blog, just do a search for Barry Gallegos in the search bar. :-)


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Lenord Robinson on :

Gracious Tatianna, you're such a statuesque beauty! Has Mick Cukurs ever photographed you?

Tatiana on : a search for his name in my blog to view some of the pics from that shoot.

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