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Dumb girls at work

Some girls I work with are just so lame and insecure. Too bad.....for them. It's kind of amusing to me! The other night a group of four guys came in, they come here for a week or so in the summer to fish, they are from Virginia and call themselves "The Virginia Boys". Anyhow, I met them before and they really like me, according to them
I am their favorite and they think all kinds of nice things about me.
Sweet! Well, I was chit chatting and catching up with them and then I got busy with stage and making rounds.
A little later I sat down with one of them and he told me that a girl had asked him for a dance and he had told her that the only girl that he would have dancing for him was me. So she said kind of snarky, "What is it about her anyway?". And he went on to inform her that him and his friends think that I am the most beautiful girl in the club, every summer they have been up. Not only that, I am super cool, not pushy and one of the smartest and nicest girls he has met, ever. HIS words, not mine. That shut her up. HA! If I ask a guy in the club if he wants a dance and he tells me that he is waiting for somebody else, for example Lexi. I say, "Great, have a wonderful evening!". I am not going to ask him what's so special about Lexi or tell him that he should dance with me instead because I am so much better, bla bla bla or some other dumb shit some girls say. I would never do that, even if I think that the girl he is waiting for is kind of ugly or whatever. Not that I think Lexi is ugly, I am just using her as an example. It's not ok to do that, shows no respect for your co workers and makes you look like an insecure fool.
But since this twerpy girl from the other night opened the can of worms already, it's fair game. I think she looks like a twerp, in need of some rhinoplasty, has a mousy face, some bad saggy boobs and she jerks around like a fish on land when she is "dancing" on stage - it's painful to watch. So she can just take a good look at me and realize that she will never look anything like me, no matter how many times she asks guys, "What it is about her anyway?" The only cute thing about her is her butt, I will give her that, the rest......not so much. Then she had the nerve to ask me last night, what my name is.
I looked at her and said, "Don't you know what my name is, you wanted to know what was so special about me last night". She didn't know what to say after that. Lame girl, go back and jerk around on stage at that pathetic club you "dance" at in Anchorage. And no, I am not talking about The Bush, I hope they have higher standards than that (though I heard the contrary.......).


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