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Trying to wake up.......

It's only 11 22 AM, kind of early for me. I went to sleep close to 6 this morning, had two people call me during my sleep, I had to answer the calls and send a text so my sleep got interrupted. Now I have been laying in bed for like 45 minutes or so, still feeling tired, my eyes are heavy but I might as well get up soon. Perhaps a nap in the sun later, another nice day here in Kenai!
No specific plans for the day - my usual routine. Coffee, food, Chhaya. Then work. We had a lot of girls last night. I have to give up one of my lockers tonight (I have three and they are kind of small I think) to make room for the girls that flock here in July hoping to cash in. I guess I can do that for some time and then I will take my locker back.
I contacted a club in Fargo. I think it would be fun to try Fargo.........and I heard of a big convention of some sort called Big Iron Farm Show that draws large crowds to town during that time. That would be in September. Well, the manager got back to me and said that I can come and work anytime BUT during the Big Iron show she has 100 + girls that she needs to fit into 25 slots. And the regular girls get to work the show, no new girls.
That's fine......I can go another time.
Well......I guess I am going to make an effort and crawl out of bed.


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