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Woke up to a shining sun and blue sky. Hopped out of bed and went to Coffee Roasters for my daily breakfast.

After that I spent all afternoon outside in the sunshine. I need to take advantage of the sun, it might not last long.

Work was kind of busy last night. The first rush of people consisted of a group of pitiful guys and girls celebrating some chicks birthday. They all camped around the stage with dumb expressions on their faces, reluctantly parting with their dollar bills. Staring at us like we are some freaks.
Yes bitch, I know I look way better than all of you combined, don't be jealous - it's not my fault.
If you do not like girls or feel threatened by them, please stay away from strip clubs. And don't worry, I do not want to date your lame boyfriend, even though he wants to date me.
You can keep him.
Then there was a guy in there that was highly annoying, I actually slapped him twice in the back of the head, he mouthed off to the wrong girl. Some people should not be allowed out in public, he was one of those. Well, he acted so crazy and pissed off enough people that he finally got kicked out. I guess he wasn't too happy about that because once he was outside he showed his displeasure by bashing in one of the windows.
By 2 AM I was sitting and resting by myself at the bar. For some reason this is looked at as strange. I can never be alone for more than five minutes, somebody always comes and bothers me, wondering WHY I am alone (like it's something bad) and it's usually somebody drunk or annoying or both. Well, last night a fella in an Affliction t-shirt decided that he just had to sit down next to me and have a conversation.
I love talking, if the person that is talking to me has something funny or interesting to say.
Not just some drunken bullshit. And guys, please retire your Ed Hardy and Affliction shirts unless you are a roided out gorilla from Jersey, then you are allowed to wear them because you do not know any better. Thank You.
Anyhow......Mr Affliction said something that he thought was funny, I didn't, so he got offended because I did not brake out in a fake laugh. Really? I told him to go and talk to some other girl instead, I am sure he wouldn't have a problem finding somebody in there that would latch on to him, pretend to listen to every dumb word out of his mouth and fake laugh at all his not funny jokes while trying to get $ out of him.
I am not that girl though. Why? Because I CAN. If you don't like me........fine, then leave. I do not need you anyway. So Mr Affliction's manly pride got hurt and he declared loudly to some other guys next to us that I was totally humorless, not only that, I was also an ugly brown bear in need of a make up artist. LOL. THAT was actually funny so I laughed.
Then we had another group of guys and girls come in and they decided that the ugly brown bear (ME) was the best looking girl in the club and bought some dances from me. For some reason a lot of people think this about me......they must like bears.
I danced for a girl that I thought was hot. There was definitely some chemistry there, I could tell she wanted to kiss me and I kind of wanted to kiss her too but didn't. Not at work. She would have to take me on a date first. ;-)
I haven't seen a girl in a while that I like in that way, so that was nice. I got all worked up over it for a minute.
Anyways, it is getting to be that time.........shower time. Then work.


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A reader on :

Good picture - you in the sun.
I still enjoy your stories. I suspect I always will.
Thanks again for the sunshine.
You are magic.

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