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The other day when I went to Veronica's my pants ripped. I loved those pants, they were Miss Sixty that I looooooove!
I've had them for a long time and the rip was too big to try to repair. Now I need new cute pants from Miss Sixty.
When I walked into Veronica's to meet up with Lexi, half of my butt cheek was on display. The men that happened to be at Veronica's fought over who was going to pay for our lunch. We finally bestowed the honor on one nice man that paid for our lunch and bought me a brand new Mercedes too just because......that's the power of a butt cheek peeking out through some ripped pants.
Just kidding......I tied a hoddie around my waist and that was that.


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Lol, I was beginning to believe that story. I woulda bought u lunch however.

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