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After 6 AM

It's a little after 6 AM and I am finally in bed. Just finished taking a bath, used a new product from L'Occitane - an exfoliating gel that smells heavenly. Then I put on face cream, also L'Occitane and slathered some lotion on my feet and hands. Feels SO GOOD to be in bed. I am TIRED! Cuddled with my Chhaya too.......

Work was good. We had two kinds of cake, so I was really happy, I like red velvet cake as you can see.......

And this is my locker......well one of them. This is what I do after I get off the stage, I cram my pocket change = bills, into my locker because I don't have time to organize the bills neatly. I do it when I have a minute. Typical dancer locker, dollar bills, mixed up with platform heels and a package of baby wipes. In my other lockers, I keep my outfits and my accessories and perfumes. I do not like to keep my outfits for work together with my shoes, unless I have to.

Yaaaaaaawn! It is time for some sleep!


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