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It's almost 8 PM and Tatiana is savoring every minute she is spending on the couch with her feet up before she has to get in the shower and get ready for work. She needs to wash her hair tonight so that will add about 10 -15 minutes of shower time, shaving as usual.
Today Tatiana went to Veronica's with Lexi for lunch and quality girl time. There is nothing like some quality girl time!
Tatiana took pictures but she can't upload any of them right now......too bad.
Ya'll better make it down to the club tonight, Tatiana is going to do $ 10 dances all night long! That is a $ 30 discount, best deal in town!
Tatiana is planning to rack up about 100 dances at that rate. LOL. Just kidding......sorry, no discount dances. is time to go. Bye!


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