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Today it is six years ago since the first entry was written and saved onto this blog.
That was in July 2006. That entry was written by Julia, me and her had escaped the Vegas heat and went to Denver to work at Shotgun Willie's. It was 100 °F in Denver to our surprise. We stayed at a cheap motel on Colfax. It was an interesting place indeed. When we arrived and settled in our room a man greeted us by saying, "Welcome to chaos". That stuck with us. Therefore you can see that on the blog. Back then we would either write blog entries together or separately. The month of July 2006 only has two entries. Julia stopped writing blogs in 2007.
I continued writing and usually write at least one entry/day. The month of March this year has 71 entries. I am not sure how long I will keep up the blog, so far I like it and I know I have enough readers out there that seem interested in what I have to say (I can see the numbers on my statistics page). Some might not like me, I am sure there are a few of those and some only log on hoping to see some kind of a half naked picture of me. ;-)
What happened to Julia? I am not sure, she lives in Vegas still, at least she did last time I heard from her. We used to be very close, or at least I thought we were. But some things happened and we kind of drifted apart. But I do have some very fun memories of our time together as
The Fargosisters. DA NANG !!! If you are bored and need something fun to do or just curious you should read all the blogs, it's easy - just look in the archives. And to read that first blog from six years here

Me and Julia at Keoki's and Juicy Jay's Party Monster Party in LA. FUN!!!

A great night in LA at Monster Massive.


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kevin on :

Congratulations ! Keep writing.

Tatiana on :

Thank You Kevin......and thanks for reading!

X T on :

Its fun to know you have been keeping a life record of yourself through blog for the last 6 years, congrats on that aspect. Who really is Julia and what the heck does DA NANG mean?
And BTW, I really enjoy reading your blogs, so keep posting and I will check in from time to time.....and lastly, you are a very beautiful woman in your own right :-)

Tatiana on :

DA NANG is an expression for everything good. Kind of hard to explain. Julia is the girl I used to share this blog with.
Thanks for reading!

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