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I just woke up and it is cold, windy and raining outside! Where is the summer? I have the whole afternoon scheduled full with boring and time consuming errands. But it has to be done. Absolutely nothing new to report from my corner of the world.
But I talked to my friend Claudia the other day and we were laughing about annoying guys at work. She is Polish too and if people think that I have a hot temper, they haven't met her, she is the life of the party. Anyways, once when she was at work at a club in Vegas some sorry scrub didn't want to pay her $ 20 for a lap dance she did for him. So she punched him in the face and broke his nose in front of his company he was there with (two ladies). Then he got kicked out of the club with blood gushing out of his nose. Why? Cause he didn't pay her.
Bouncers at clubs in Vegas do not mess around, you treat the girls bad or don't want to pay them what you owe them? You will get kicked out and there might be some violence involved.
Well......I got to get moving.


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Kaykay on :

Were you a stripper before coming to the U.S?

Tatiana on :

No, I got corrupted here.......
I was a student at the University in Stockholm.

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