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Good Morning all my fans!

I managed to drag myself to work last night after five days of not feeling motivated to leave my house, well I was not feeling motivated to work to be honest........That is the problem I think, I am bored and not motivated to go and work. That is why I like it when I travel for work because I have more energy to actually work and I put in more of an effort while at work. It's good that sometimes I can just sit around and look pretty and guys will come up and either hand me money or ask me for a dance.
Last night I had the misfortune to witness a chunky older lady that I unfortunately work with get her big tits sucked on (loudly) by a large ruddy man. In between the tit sucking they also made out. TOTALLY gross! Please get a room! Actually I think they did, he left and a shortly after she got dressed and left too. At midnight. That's kind of early to leave unless you don't feel well or like what I think happened in this case, she met up with the guy from the club. Good! I'd rather have her get those floppy tits sucked on outside the club than on the bench next to me so I have to be traumatized by it. Thank goodness I do not have to resort to that crap, I would need to be heavily medicated to go through that every night at work.

But anyways, yesterday while reading Newsweek I came across an article that pissed me off.
It was an article called "War of the Wombs" talking about a somebody called Keith Mason that has started up a pro-life group called Personhood USA. It's funny to me that MEN are out there rallying against abortion, getting all fired up, yelling, demonstrating and praying outside abortion clinics. Sometimes even using force against the staff of these clinics with deadly outcome.
This Keith guy is against all abortions, even if you have been RAPED. He is against abortion in ALL circumstances. How sweet of him! He is also against Plan B, the morning after pill.
He and his wife have four kids together, to me that is at least two too many. He met his wife while praying outside an abortion clinic. Awwwww, how cute!
I believe in population control and think that individuals that live in "modern" countries should be intelligent and educated enough to know that having too many kids is selfish from an earth friendly aspect. Nobody stops and thinks about the potential future they might be sending their offspring into, is there going to be enough resources for them to be able to survive and live a good quality life?
I am absolutely pro-choice and think that getting an abortions should be up to the woman or the girl, even if you happen to be under 18. I do not think that women should use abortion like a contraceptive but I do think it is safe to say that the vast majority don't. Of course there should be a time limit and there is, on how far into the pregnancy it should be allowed and safe to go through with an abortion. But to go from giving women the choice to decide over their own bodies to totally ban abortion is wrong.
And actually after all the weekly news I read of people mistreating their children by leaving them in hot cars, allowing their boyfriends and husbands to rape them and dismember them, abusing their own children in every kind of evil way.........I am thinking that those innocent children would had been better off getting aborted. Don't you think so too? There are TOO MANY people out there having kids without stopping to think about what responsibilities come with it, the sacrifices that you have to make. They just become pregnant, squeeze out the kid and hope for the best and some of them should NOT HAVE KIDS AT ALL. Obviously. Look at all the kids suffering in the hands of their sk parents.
It is better to have an abortion instead of having a kid and then not giving that child the good, stable life that every child deserves. I treat my dog Chhaya better than some people treat their children.
So to force women to give birth even if they become pregnant by rape or if they do not want the child to begin with is just wrong. I wish MEN could stay out of women's issues like abortion. I am not praying and/or demonstrating and insisting on that men cut off their foreskins or do any other mandatory changes to their bodies. So leave women alone and let the ones that opt to have an abortion be able to go through with it in peace without having to get harassed by a hoard of angry bible thumpers outside the abortion clinics.

Having said that.....I am now taking my very much loved and very well taken care of Chhaya out for a walk.


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