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Happy 4th!

Today - destination Seward. I have been there once before but not for the 4th of July. They do something called Mount Marathon in Seward on 4th of July, meaning a bunch of people run up and then down a steep mountain. This is a tradition since 1915 and it draws lots of people, spectators and the brave ones running up and down that mountain.

It was not the nicest weather today, good I brought my umbrella. I got happy again when I discovered the pie stand and even happier after my latte.
I got the rhubarb pie. It was diabetes inducing sweet.

On the way back home I stopped by the Exit glacier. That was very interesting, I found out about some hikes there that I would love to do one day.
The glacier is the large mass of snow in the middle.

I am home again and super tired, I am barely keeping my eyes open while writing this.
I hope everybody had a great 4th of July!


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Lenord Robinson on :

How do you keep eating so many sweets and staying so hot? You're amazing Tatiana!

Tatiana on :

LOL, thanks.
You know how it is (with girls)......I like myself better when I am about 5 lbs lighter but I love food even more.

Claudia on :

Looks beautiful..I really want to come and visit u one day and do the hikes and hot springs!! MISS U!!!

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