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What a treat!

I saw Kate Moss on the cover of the latest BAZAAR today, of course I had to get it!!! I LOVE Kate! And there are 22 pages of Kate to drool over including the cover (and a Rimmel ad). She is bronzed and beautiful as always. I think that Kate looks Polish even though I know that she is British, maybe she has some Polish blood? I am keeping this BAZAAR, I bring all my read magazines to work otherwise for my coworkers to enjoy.
Today I am feeling kind of crappy. Not sure if I am getting sick or if I'm just overly tired. I am going to try to drag myself to work again tonight.
Tomorrow I might go to Seward to see what they have going on for the 4th of July.


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Bil w/1L on :

I saw her once in a grocery in NYC when I lived there. She was on roller skates buying cigs, ice cream and a steak. She was not made up, I had no idea who she was and I thought she was beautiful. I let her catch me looking at her and we locked eyes for a few very nice seconds. Only when she left and the cashiers went crazy, did I know who she was. Polish girls are beautiful. I liked your comment on the fake eye lashes. I guess you did remember me, funny.

Tatiana on :

Kate was buying stuff in a grocery on roller skates?
I wish I would had been there to see that.
Yes, I agree many Polish girls are beautiful........though Kate is British.
Of course I remember you!

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