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Woke up and ate breakfast at the same time as my squirrel friend nibbled on food. Look how cute he/she is. Chhaya is obsessed with it.

After that I took a bath and washed my hair. When 1 45 PM came along I hopped in my 4 Runner and drove to Coffee Roasters where I met up with Lexi for a coffee. Then we went to the movies where our friend Sharon was waiting. We saw Magic Mike . If you do not know, the movie is about male strippers. I give Channing Tatum, that plays the main character an A plus. He is a good looking guy with very impressive dance moves.
I did think that the scenes in the strip club were the best and most fun to watch, obviously. The rest of the movie was ok. I dated a stripper once, a guy not a girl.....LOL. I don't have time to write about that right now, check back tomorrow for that story. It is getting late and I have to force myself to hop in the shower and shave my stubbly legs.
Not really in the mood to work but I am going to try and go in anyways.


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Jon on :

I'm a writer interested in writing about Williston North Dakota. Could you drop me a line and tell me a little about it? I'm keen to know what you thought of it.

Tatiana on :

Just search my blog for all of my Williston posts, there are plenty of them, the first one dates back to October 2010. And I was also there earlier this year.

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