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New book to read

Here is Chhaya with my latest book that I am going to start reading today. The Last Nude by Ellis Avery. I have been wanting it for a while.
I have a list of books that I am interested in, if I see an ad or a description of a book in a magazine or somebody tells me about a book I might find interesting I make a note of it and then check the books off once I find them. I love reading.

Today started great, I locked my keys in my truck and had to call Alaska Cab so they could unlock my car for me. I need one of those things you jam down the window to open up the door, that would come in handy.
Then I put my latte down in the yard for a few minutes, when I picked it up and took a gulp it was something in there, like a fly maybe because I could feel it go down my throat. So gross! Earlier I had read about some poor man in India that had a 13 centimeters long worm crawling behind his eyelid. So now I am thinking about that fly in my stomach crawling around.
A good old Polish remedy to kill any bacteria in your stomach, eat sauerkraut straight out of the jar or some extra hot horseradish, yum.......I love them both.
Besides that, it is sunny but cold because it is windy. Me and Chhaya are hanging out and enjoying life. I made her a shelter because she gets too hot in the sun. Life is good. It's the last day of June. We are halfway through 2012.


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