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Lame Friday

I am so glad to be home, showered and sipping on some tea, it's 4 AM. Tonight was a lame Friday for being the end of June, I left at 3 because I couldn't stand it anymore. This is supposed to be the busy season. A lot of times I can make up for the lack of dances with the tips I make on stage but not tonight, surprisingly very bad stage tips tonight. Oh well, tomorrow in another day.
More girls are flocking to the club because they think that summer time equals money here right now. Well, so far this week has been bad. Unless you have a regular guy that comes in and spends all his money on you, a few of the girls have that, good for them.
So we have five returning girls this week (so far), meaning they have worked at the club before. And four new ones showed up tonight that I have never seen before, I think they came from Anchorage. One was absolutely awful looking from head to toe, two not bad and one really cute, she had a super pretty face and a nice smile.
But since tonight wasn't that good I am not sure if they got discouraged or not. Sometimes it is not worth it to travel for work as a dancer.
The money is uncertain. Then you have to pay for either a plane ticket or gas, maybe rent a car or take a taxi to and from work, unless you arrive in your own car of course. Then you have the living expenses, hotel rooms are not cheap. All of that combined has to be considered before you can count your profits.
What I like about traveling is that I get to be in a new environment that feels fresh. I have a different energy and I usually feel more motivated to work and I also work every night I am away. And then there is seeing the new sights in the daytime too. The only place I cut short on so far was Scarlet O'Haras in Sioux Falls, I was planning on being there for two weeks and I left after one. I did not think that it was good at all. Maybe I came during the wrong time or something. So I drove about 200 miles to another club and started that same night and I made much better money there.
I can feel my eyes getting heavy, so I am going to turn off the light and enjoy some sleep now.


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