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This comment needs an answer.....

One of my lovely readers left me this comment with a few questions that I will try to answer.......

"Seems like every club has got vagine exams going on. Or can you think of an actual club that doesn't have that bull shit happening!? Men are pretty much pigs and will slap the women on the ass unless the women say no. Aren't there suppose to be bouncers there to stop shit like that? More dancers should think like you do. There is nothing wrong with some self respect!"

First of all thank you for recognizing that self respect is something good, not everybody seems to think so. I meet guys at work ALL the time that think I am snooty and rude because I do not let them paw all over me or talk rudely to me. That makes me "stuck up", "mean" and "no fun".
Well, GOOD - I will never allow anyone treat me like that, unless me and whomever I am intimate with in my private life have some kind of a fun game going on in the bedroom.

Have I worked in clubs where they were strict about the touching? Yes. And I prefer those clubs because it makes it more fair for the girls. You make your money based on other things than how lenient/nasty you are during your lap dances. Let me rattle of a few clubs that I have tried.
For example, when I worked at Flashdancers in NYC, air dances only, you could go very close and kind of lightly brush up against people but guys could not touch you. They were strict about that. Good! And I didn't see any girls getting out of control. I did very well there, I was one of the most requested girls during my short stint there. It was lots of fun. I need to go back! I am not sure how the lap dances are there now, maybe things have changed, they often do.
At Heartbreakers and Whispers in Williston guys are supposed to have their hands to the side, I did see some girls allow some extra stuff happen but it was fairly well monitored by the bouncers that peek into the lap dance areas frequently, though some girls did tip the bouncers to get away with stuff. I do not like that. It's shady.
The Great Alaskan Bush Company in Anchorage, also hands to the side. Pretty well obeyed though of course there were some girls that figured out ways for guys to discreetly touch their boobs. And I also saw girls casually touch guys in between their legs over the pants, of course.
Crazy Horse Too, Las Vegas back in the day when being a Crazy Horse dancer actually was something special. Did you know that Jenna Jameson danced there, she started dancing very young. Also Dita Von Teese danced there. Anyways, back in the day the guys could touch you a little during dances, like legs, butt, waist, it was up to the girls. There were also many girls that would not let guys touch them at all or only allow touching in the VIP room ( minimum $ 100 for three songs) and not out on the main floor. Girls were looked at as "princesses" almost and many acted like it too. And I like that! If a guy in there asked if you wanted to sleep with him for money you were supposed to tell one of the bouncers and the guy got escorted out right away. Then the club started going downhill and so did the quality of the dancers. I saw boob grabbing for $ 20/song and heard rumors of other stuff. Very unfortunate. That place used to be great, many girls made big bucks there. It is no longer open.
Sapphire, Las Vegas. A rather dirty place. I saw too many girls act so nasty there. There was even one girl that offered $ 20 hand jobs instead of dances, totally gross. I got sick of working there because you can't compete with that shit. Bouncers were looking the other way because girls would grease their palms. I complained to management and received very negative feedback. I even had some correspondence about this issue with a local Las Vegas paper, you can search my blog for those blog entries, this is years ago now. Remember, my blog has entries dating back to 2006....... :-)
The club I am at now in Soldotna can be rather dirty to be honest (due to some of the girls). You do not have to do anything, I don't.
Ok, I am fine with some light touching - arms, legs, butt (no digging inside my butt cheeks), waist etc. The dances are contact dances, most clubs have contact dances. But at least 50 % or more of the guys that I dance for have their hands to the side. Once in a while I get guys that try to get away with stuff but I am always in control and if things really get out of hand, I stop the dance and that's it.
I've had to do that a few times in different clubs, not often at all though. And yes, there has been a few times (very few) when some very sneaky guy managed to quickly cop a feel of a boob but that never lasted for more than a split second.
What they need is somebody to monitor the dances better (in every club) and really implement the rules. Seems like every girl except me and a few more do allow boob touching (in places where you can get away with it). To me that's just too much. I have seen girls getting their boobs mauled, yuck. It is almost normal nowadays, the boob touching. But I like my boobs way too much to have random guys grab on them every night. I would NOT enjoy that. You can look but you cannot touch! ;-)
As far as VAGINE touching goes, that should NEVER be allowed. To me that is absolutely crossing the line. Why any girl would allow guys with unwashed hands stroke, finger, whatever their VAGINE is mind boggling to me. And I have seen this at more than one club.......
These girl RUIN stripping for all the other girls. They should get a warning the first time, suspended the second and the second and fired if it happens again.
Go work in a brothel, at least the guys get their schlongs disinfected first and have to wash their hands. And you will hopefully make lots of money.
Also, any kind of lap dancing that is too much in my opinion, besides letting guys touch you down there (NASTY).......sucking on boobs (makes me want to throw up), giving guys hummers over their pants (how TACKY, let me chomp down on your pants after you shook off your pee from your penis on them), choking or slapping the girls hard, girls rubbing their hands over guys crotches (resembles hand jobs), any kind of hand job or bj or actual sex, ummmmmm and some other weird lap dance moves I've had the pleasure to witness over the years. Like upside down, totally naked VAGINE thrusted in your face and similar acrobatic moves like that. Crazy looking wrestling with the guys to keep their hands at bay. Though I've had my share of those situations too. Sometimes you get an overly excited octopus (guy).
Basically, clubs need to monitor the lap dances better, not let girls get away with shit like that. And some girls don't know how to stand their ground, that's where the bouncers come in with guidelines. There will always be some girls acting nasty and you just have to weed them out, it's simple. Because it is no fun trying to explain to guys that no, you cannot touch me down there or suckle on my boobs like a baby even though Candy, Bambi, Sexxxy, Hot Chocolate, Vanessa (made up names) let you do that to her earlier. Say NO ladies! You do not have to do that, really!
I don't and I make ok money. Trust me, guys will buy dances even if they are not allowed to touch (or limited touching), I have worked in plenty of clubs with a no touching rule and the girls were still making money......! Stripping should be more of a tease and it can be done very tastefully, sensual and erotic, it does not have to be a porn show. Something to think about........!

And some guys might think, after reading this that I hate my job, hate men, must be a lesbian because I don't allow guys to grab me all over at work. And the answer is NO to all of the above.
I like my job, I like men in general and I am not a lesbian. I actually think that the girls that let guys do whatever to them in the club and get wasted every night in order to deal with it have more problems with how they relate to men than I will ever have.


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