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New Pics!

Here are three brand new pics that Barry Gallegos took of me at a super nice house when I was in Vegas a few weeks ago.
You like? I do. Me and Barry have fun shooting, we have a few future shoots planned that I am looking forward to.
There are more pics from this shoot that I will put up soon, I don't want to put up all at once.......


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John on :

Very nice, as always, pictures. Have been away but reading up on your most recent entries.

I spent a great deal of time in the interior of Mexico and the Netherlands. Interesting to compare your experience with what is "normal" in another country.

Amine on :

Awww *sniffle*You reap what you sow. You are a great and supportive fernid to so many and such a wonderful person that people can't help but wish you well and support you. This year, me and you, we're going to rock the photography world!

Tatiana on :

Ummmmm.......fernid? You mean friend? I am not sure if this is spam but whatever and lol.....

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