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Another rainy day here in Kenai.......

After a week or so of absolutely gorgeous weather it is pouring down. And according to the weather forecast it will do so for the reminder of the week.
Fun! Not. It is coming down pretty hard right now, I was hoping to go running again today but not if it's raining like this.......but it might slow down in a few hours, I can only hope. Because it is dreary outside right now.
Work last night was slow but kind of fun, lots of laughing and joking around. It is funny how you go from taking home $ 800 one night (that is AFTER all the tip outs) to making a "meager" $ 100 the following night. Dancers usually tip out a lot and it also depends on the the club. Some clubs have a fixed price, like Heartbreakers for example, last time I worked there it was $ 120 to work. And out of that $ 20 went to the dj. Though he was hustling (aggressively) for extra tips from us girls all night long and some of the girls also made the guys tip the bouncers to allow them to be "naughty". LOL! Really? Not me (do I really have to mention this?)
I think the dj there (at Heartbreakers) makes plenty, depending on how many girls show up in a night but he averages just from the $ 20 he gets from each girl about $ 300/night, if there are 15 girls in the club, sometimes there are more girls. Whether he makes an hourly salary from the club I don't know. And he doesn't work as hard, in my opinion as the dancers, going on stage, asking for dances, doing lap dances, walking in very high heels, getting ready for work - showering, make up, investing in outfits for work etc.
But the dancers don't make a salary. Very FEW clubs pay the girls a salary and in every club I have worked the girls had to pay the club to work there and tip the dj and sometimes the rest of the staff too, bouncers, bartenders, cocktail waitresses etc.
In some clubs the tip out depends on how well you did that night, I think I prefer those clubs, unless I would work in a club where I would make good money EVERY night, like I did in New York City for example. But most clubs are pretty inconsistent, some nights can be bad, average, good or excellent and some you actually leave with no more than $ 20. And when I say I made $ 800 the other night, that means I tipped out about $ 200, so I really made $ 1000.
But the good thing about working in a club where the tip out depends on your total earnings is that when you do have a bad night, you don't have tip tip out anything or very little.
And when you work in a club with a fixed price a bad night doesn't matter, you still need to pay the club whatever they charge you to work, regardless of how much you make that night. Does my explanation make sense?
There are actually some clubs being sued right now by dancers that presented to the court that they did not get any hourly wages to work at the club and still had to pay the club to work and tip out to the staff and also got fined for various stuff, like being late for stage etc. And the court has found in favor of the dancers!
I need to look into the details of a certain recent case I've heard of and when I find out more I can blog about it.
Unfortunately some clubs really take advantage of the dancers in a bad way. Like at Flashdancers in New York, when I worked there you made your schedule a week in advance. If you happened to be sick during any of the scheduled days you had to pay the club a fine of $ 100 each day! That is pretty steep and I am not aware of any other workplace that endorses that practice. I actually came down with a bad cold while working there and missed two of my scheduled days, that cost me $ 200. If you get a cold or the flu it is difficult to make a quick recovery since many of the clubs keep it pretty cold inside and the girls wear next to nothing while in there.
I am also aware of other clubs that fine you for showing up late for work, for not making your stage on time and calling in sick. I think that is wrong so I do hope that the club owners rethink their practices or more girls will sue and most likely win due to employment regulations and guidelines
that also encompass dancers, though certain clubs think that they can treat the girls like crap.
The club owners should realize that without girls willing to work there, it would only be a regular bar, it is the girls that draw the crowd and the girls should be appreciated. A lot of times you are treated like commodity, just another body.
I stay away from clubs that take too much of your income from you, some places just take so much that it is not worth my time being there.
Also, I don't think that the girls should tip out to the bartender and/or the cocktail waitresses. They make their own tips and don't share THEIR tips with me, so why should I give part of my money to them? Also many of them make an hourly wage, I don't. I do not mind tipping the dj. I gladly do that.
And one more thing before I go.......some girls claim that they ALWAYS make good money, even on a slow night. Yap, yap, yap - stripper chatter.
If the club is near empty and there are more girls there than guys some girls will not make a lot that night. To claim that you always bank because you are SUCH a good hustler or SOOOOO beautiful is just lame and a lie. I have bad nights sometimes but I don't care and I am not too shabby to look at.
Now if I had a bad night every night, that would be a problem. I would change clubs or take a look at myself and decide whether I should continue dancing or not. But I do not "hustle" to make money. Either you want a dance from me or not - it is that simple.
And I think that clubs definitely should hire quality girls over quantity. Quality girls are better for business. And usually, with a strong emphasis on the usually, quality girls are classier and less nasty than the not so good looking and trashy girls. Though I have seen pretty girls do some nasty stuff and that always amazes me. With quality I mean not only a certain level of attractiveness but also the way you carry yourself. And I do not dance because I thrive on getting attention from men, I am used to that and I really don't care. I am dancing because I can support myself by doing so and I also like the freedom it brings me and more often than not I have fun doing it, even though I do encounter annoying guys on a regular basis at work.
Well, it is still raining. I am going to try and download some sings onto my iPod now.


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Lenord Robinson on :

Tatiana, I was wondering what you think of the overall climate in strip clubs as far as clients tipping during the economic downturn in the last few years? Have things slowed down considerably or stayed the same? When I frequented strip clubs here in L.A. they'd be pretty packed with tips flying all over. But since the economic downturn I sense the clubs are really suffering.

Tatiana on :

Strip clubs in LA are known for not being that great money wise. That's why every other girl that dances in Vegas is from CA. If it was that great in CA they would work there. far as the economic downturn and strip clubs......sure it affects the clubs. If people have a hard time with their finances it will affect how much they spend in a strip club. You always hear girls talk about how much money they would make "back in the day". But you know, some nights are good and some bad, beats working at a "regular" minimum wage job.......

Lenord Robinson on :

Well I do miss going. I appreciate the great show dancers give and I never mind tipping well if I can afford it. That's why I don't go anymore because I can see how hard you ladies work for tips you deserve and I won't short change you. You all work hard at looking amazing and its the least we can do to tip well.

Tatiana on :

If you miss going then I think you should go. I understand that not every guy I approach can get a dance or that not every guy sitting at the stage can tip well. I do think that if you sit at the stage you should give AT LEAST one dollar/song out of courtesy and appreciation. And if you don't have that much money you can sit away from the stage and only go up there to tip the girls that you fancy.

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