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Fuller Lakes

Yesterday I hiked up to Fuller Lakes. I went to both lakes and it was absolutely gorgeous and so worth it. The hike is pretty much uphill all the way, not so steep that you have to scramble, it does take your breath away at times but it is manageable. Not sure how long it took to get to the first lake because I didn't time it. This is bear country so I came equipped with two bear bells attached to my belt and a pink Barbie horn that I was tooting every so often, it is loud. Chhaya was there also. And my very manly, red blooded hiking partner. So I didn't worry about the bears.
I actually saw two, one from far away while hiking. It was walking around in the green bushes and later I saw a super cute small young bear crossing the road. It's always fun to see bears in Alaska. I still have not seen a wolf.......maybe one day.
This is the view from the trail.

Lower Fuller Lake. It is a large lake and very beautiful.

Me with the Barbie horn.

What I had on, this is my new fave hat. My new pants by Hard Tail, very comfortable.

Me being FAB as always.

Upper Fuller Lake.

Very happy, I love hiking.

View of Lower Fuller Lake.

Me and my girl.

Coming down from the trail.

I do recommend this hike if you ever come around here. Start early so you have all day to explore, there are fire pits up there so you can bring up some food and make a day out of it.


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Claudia on :

LOOKS SOO PRETTY....and U look soo skinny!! ; ) Miss n love u!!

Tatiana on :

I miss you sooooo much and I ♥ ♥ ♥ you!

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