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A few days of laziness

The last few days were so nice so I spent them basically outside with Chhaya. I did not want to ruin my rest/laziness by going into work, actually having to do something and being forced to breathe in nasty smoke and talk to people that I do not want to talk to. So I stayed at home. Got lots of mosquito bites that I am scratching away on. My hair got really dry from the sun so I drenched it in argan oil yesterday and I will wash it out later today.
Tomorrow it is summer solstice - ALREADY!!!! That might not be a big deal in say Las Vegas but here in Alaska it is because that means it's slowly going to get darker and colder. NOOOOOO!!!!! I do not like working on solstice, to me that is a special day that I'd rather spend doing something else, so I might go on a hike tomorrow, somewhere I haven't been yet.
Besides that I do not have anything new to talk about, I am in KENAI people, the most boring place - ever. Unless you are retired and spend your days playing poker with your friends or if you are a stay at home mom, dealing with caring for the tots. I do not have kids, I am not retired and I am extremely bored. Is this going to be my last summer in Alaska? Very possible.


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