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Lazy Warm Sunday

I spent all afternoon outside again. SOOOO nice out - finally! Today was one of those perfect days.
There is not much more to report about today. I am feeling lazy due to being out in the sun all day. Full because I ate a lot. Chhaya is already sleeping and I am thinking about making myself a cup of tea before I go to bed. Even getting up from the couch and going to the kitchen feels like a task right now.
I was going to take a bath and slather on some honey on my face but if making some tea seems too difficult then a bath would be almost impossible now.
Yeah......I have nothing fun to talk about right now - I know........boring! How was work last night? Pretty awful. Too many girls and not enough to do. But that happens.
Monday tomorrow. I need to do a bunch of stuff. Bleh. Anyways. Good Night!


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