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The other day

The other day while still in Vegas I had time to squeeze in a photoshoot with Barry.
We did the shoot at the most beautiful house with some amazing paintings and artwork made by a Polish girl that also lives there. WOW was basically the feeling I had in that house. The pool was amazing and we did some shots with me in the water. I haven't seen any pics yet, I hope we got some good ones.
After that I went to see Cathy for a massage. Cathy is one of my favorite persons.
She gives the best massage. I get two hours and every minute is pure bliss. This time Cathy even gave me a compliment, she said, "you have a nice body". Awwwww.......! :-)
I can't wait for my next massage. I fantasize about these massages, that's how good it feels.

Could not decide what pic I like more, smile or no smile - so here are both.


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Paul on :

Smile, no smile doesn't matter, you look good either way. Are the photo shoots commissioned or just for fun?

Tatiana on :

Nowadays most of my shoots are just for fun. There are no opportunities for paid modeling in Kenai. So when I go to Vegas I just do photoshoots for fun because I enjoy it. And still, some of the pics from those shoots have ended up in photobooks or magazines. When I lived in Vegas I did some paid shoots and runway work.
I love photography. It's creative and fun!

Anonymous on :

Smile and No smile - both are NEEDED. Thanks

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