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Music Is The Answer.......

Phew........ just got home from a long day in reality. No more rave-land. I am laying in bed, eating bananas for the potassium, I danced a lot last night. How was EDC last night? Perfect and Amazing! :-)
I had such a good time! I want to be teleported back to Cosmic Meadows so I can dance for another evening!!!
Are you ready to see the pics from last night? I know you are! So this is what I had on and that is my good friend Mikey, we are about to descend into rave-land. This was at the very beginning of the evening.

Look at this girl, she was so cute! Totally perfect.

I loved the fire dragon. So cool!

And this flower was so beautiful, I was mesmerized by it........ It's an electric daisy. :-)

Another pic with Mikey.

Taking pics with cops at a rave is a must. They were all really nice. They are present at raves to protect and serve. And to look at all the hot girls while getting paid. Another important function cops serve at raves, they can direct you to where you can find the REALLY good drugs. Just ask them!

Super cutie! My new daddy!

Making angels in confetti is fun.

This is Danny. He played for 1 1/2, that is just a warm up for him, he is known for marathon sets. I have seen him three times now. Yeay!!!
He is very cute and seems super nice. Danny is the only dj I know of that will step out on the stage and dance, he is a good dancer and he seems to thoroughly enjoy himself. And he also has a is......"Be Yourself. Music Is The Answer and Love Is The Message".

Inevitably the party ended at 5 30. The sun peeked up from behind the mountains. I love the very early mornings in Vegas, the town is so pretty then. The rave was over, time to go back to reality. NOOOOOOOO!!!! WHYYYYYY?????!!!

We squeezed in some last pics. FAAAAB!!!!

I had a great time! I ❤ my friends and I never want to "grow up" and be "old".

Walking away from the party......felt a little sad.

And in case you wonder because many people have never been to raves and don't know. Yes, it's a very good time. Yes, the music is loud and maybe weird for some but I ❤ it. I need my house music. No, you don't have to do drugs and not everybody is "fucked up". You can do drugs IF you choose to. It can be fun if you know what you are doing, try to be educated about it. I was sober all three days. And I had fun and did what I came there to do, danced and felt it.

Funny story from the party.......
While I was dancing to Danny's beats a guy comes up to me and said, "You should dance over there" pointing to the stage. You know, he liked my dancing. Then he asked where I was from. So I told him. Then he asked about the accent, so I told him. Then he said, "If I guess what you do for a living, will you give me a hug?". So I look at him with a smirk and tell him to guess. "Banker?" he guessed.
I point to Shelley dancing a little bit away, "That's my friend and we work with the same stuff". He looks at Shelley that looks like a super sexy porn star, with her D's barely staying inside her top and says "Ok, that gives it away, you two work at the Rhino". LOL!


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