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I decided to braid my hair because it was kind of windy at EDC last night, which is held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway btw. And since it is EDC
I put a garland of small daisies in my hair (fake ones).

As soon as I walked down the stairs of the bleachers I could feel the energy and that feeling in my body that you can't really describe. Happiness mixed with anticipation. The first song I heard was French Kiss by Lil' Louis and I just knew the music was going to be great. And it was.........until they closed down the party more than FOUR hours early. But back to that in a second.
This is what we looked like last night. I think VERY cute.......of course.

Here are some people doing yoga and some other random cuties.

I planted myself where they played the house music, that area is called Cosmic Meadow. It was great, everybody was pretty much dancing in sync to the rhythm. I think we danced non stop for almost 2 1/2 hours, the best feeling ever. It was windy but not too much, sometimes it felt like I was dancing into a huge fan when a dust of wind would sweep through the crowd. Then all of a sudden the music STOPS and it was announced that due to the strong wind the party had to stop for a while but would continue soon. They asked everybody to move into the bleachers for "safety".
To make a long story short, the music never started again. Huge disappointment. We stuck around for another two hours, talking to fun people, waiting and hoping for the party to continue.
I feel bad for the people that came out only for last night to have it end like that. Some even never made it in, they had to turn around at the gate.
But for me, it's not over yet - I still have tonight. And it's going to be a good one!!!


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