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It's Thursday here, going on midnight and I am sitting here drinking my second glass off chelada of the week, what is going on with me? I haven't had this much to drink, alcohol wise that is, since I got really drunk when I was 16. Or something like that.
I really should wax my legs but I feel too lazy.
Started out my day with the usual, you should know this by know, my daily routine is as exciting as an old grandma's in Queens. I went and got a latte but I already told you that in my earlier entry of the day.......I just remembered that, I must be a little tipsy. Ooops!
So this is what I picked out to wear today........because I know that everybody is just dying to find out!!

Then I went to Planet Hollywood mall and got myself an ice blended vanilla coffee from the Coffee Bean. With whipped.
I was there hunting for possible EDC stuff, I want some yellow net gloves but didn't find any. Instead I got some yellow pilot style sun glasses from H&M and another pair of leg warmers from American Apparel, pink ones.
I went to Victoria's Secret looking for another super cute bra for work but didn't have anything that I liked. I have been to three different VS now hoping to find a bra but I guess I have to no new pics of me showing off my new bra for work.

There are lots of people in town for all over just for EDC. I am excited because my absolute fave dj, besides Keoki, is playing. Danny Tenaglia.

Later in the evening I went to dinner and went to the movies and saw Snow White and the Huntsman. I love fairy tales. The evil queen was my fave in this movie. Anyways.......I am going to relax, watch tv and enjoy my buzz. :-)


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