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After a refreshing shower and a short rest I got dressed in on of my fave colors, pink and headed out in the hot Vegas day.

I had a facial scheduled at noon with a lady that I used to go to for facials. I don't know what happened to her facial skills, I remember her as being very good but this time it was a huge disappointment. That was the last time I had a facial with her. I could had done whatever she did to me in under 60 minutes at home in my bathroom and saved myself $ 100.
Lesson learned (I hope).
After the facial I just had to go to the Fashion Show Mall, my fave mall in Vegas. I was craving my mall fix. There is no Fashion Show Mall in Kenai!

Then I did some more shopping all day, went to Town Center, Whole Foods.......fantastic.
In the evening I shared a delicious meal with Mikey that he prepared for us on the grill. I made cheladas, yummy!

After that I slathered my face with raw honey, relaxed with that on while reading a book. Washed it off and drifted to sleep.


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