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I am in Anchorage right now about to catch a plane to Vegas in a few hours.........
Having separation anxiety from my Chhaya but I know she is in good hands. Thoroughly enjoyed a meal at the Yak & Yeti. They have THE BEST chai there but I totally forgot about that and ordered a latte next door instead. Must get a chai next time. Cannot forget!
It is SOOOOOO much nicer, warmer, greener and more lush in Anchorage than it is in Kenai. It actually feels like summer here and I just want to be outside and enjoy myself. Go for a long walk and take it all in. Kenai is borderline depressing even in the sk summer time.
Anyways, I have to start heading towards the airport time I check in I will be in Vegas, unless I get inspired to write something while I am at the airport.


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Lenord Robinson on :

By the way, here's my blog if you're interested;

Tatiana on :

I am always interested in other people's blogs......!

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