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That Stripper Smell

Last night I was sitting at the bar next to a nice man, talking about all kinds of topics. He told me that there is a very pretty Polish or Russian girl working at Fantasies on 5th in Anchorage, her name is Sasha. Now I want to go there and check her out!
At one point he asked me "what is that perfume all strippers wear, it seems like you all smell the same." And....."if I could bottle it and sell it, it would be a best-seller and I know all the men would buy it and give it to their wives and girlfriends."
I've heard this before. Girls that dance, smell good. Well, most do. I have encountered a few that had really bad BO. Totally nasty.
I always get compliments for the way I SMELL, lol. That sounds funny. I almost always wear VIVA La Juicy by Juicy. I love that perfume, even for every day outside the club use. I also LOVE Petite Chérie by Annick Goutal, that is my favorite perfume but I am out of it right now, it is kind of expensive and can only be found at high end department stores. Or online of course.
I have been stopped by strangers on the street before asking me what perfume I was wearing while having on Petite Chérie. That means little darling in French btw. Did you know that I also speak French? Oui, j'ai étudié le français à l'école en Suède.
I think I smell so good at work from a mix of VIVA La Juicy, lots of exposed warm skin, my shampoo and conditioner and my own personal scent. And when you are in a strip club you can smell the combined perfumes and scents of all girls, so it kind of mixes together as one scent that engulves the place.
Once in a while a girl will wear a really heavy and strong perfume that kind of shocks your senses as she sits down next to you, that I don't like. All you can think of is the perfume because it is so overwhelming.
I think that if somebody could bottle the way dancers smell (the way I smell actually, lol), it would be a huge hit. There should be like two variations of it, one in a light pink glittery bottle called "Stripper" and the other in a light purple bottle with rhinestones called "Dancer".
Oh and speaking of wives and all the ladies that read my blog that don't dance. I do not date men that are taken, out of respect first and foremost for myself and then for YOU. I would not want that done to me, therefore I do not do it to others.
The only two married men I would date, with the total permission and knowledge of their wives of course, would be my number one crush, Chester Bennington. ♥
He could also get divorced first and then come and find me....... And the second married man is Bill Gates, I doubt that Bill would divorce Melinda. Instead all three of us could be a team and do good in the world. There is nothing like altruism and good deeds!


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