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Cut up bananas, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream makes for a very delicious snack. Exactly what's needed to keep my famous behind looking fab.
It's almost 8 PM. I have been reading up on the prostitutes or should I call the ladies escorts, that is what they wish and the Secret Service scandal in Colombia. I am curious about this mess. Also, the woman that shot and killed another woman and stole her three day old baby. Ohh wait a sec, it was a BLACK lady that shot a WHITE lady and took her WHITE baby. What's next? An uproar from the white community in this country? Demonstrations? Should some prominent white preacher (are there any?) take a stand in media? Should a bounty be put on the black womans head? Just saying.....this country has some weird problems. Me, I really don't care what color or race anyone is, just treat people fairly and if they deserve to be put in jail for someting bad they did, so be it. And if somebody does something good, that should be acknowledged. Regardless of color and race, duh!
You have to be a sick and evil fuck to shoot and kill a woman and steal her baby. Also read about two disgusting assholes that put a pibull on fire. That poor little dog died three days later from her injuries. During the three days she lived with her burns, she still greeting humans with a wagging tail. THAT made me cry. The vets taking care of the little pitbull girl named her Phoenix. I wish I could burn those two motherfuckers that put that dog through that to death. I would show no mercy whatsoever. It would make me happy to see them suffer actually. Shits like that do not need to take up space on the planet. Also, Phoenix had signs of bite marks on her body, probably from dog fighting. I HATE people that mistreat animals.
But it is now time for me to take a shower. Feeling kind of mean and angry tonight, these poor guys don't know what is awaiting them if they even look at me in a way I am not happy with.


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John on :

Hello - have been traveling and not had time to read your comments for a while. Just caught up from early Apr to current. A fun way to read, almost like a novel.

Which, maybe you should consider. Throw in a crime, a twist or 2 and see what comes of it.

You say what you think and in a fun way.

Tatiana on :

Well, welcome back! Where did you travel to?
Maybe a novel in the future......!

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