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Another slooooow day........

Tatiana is sitting on the couch (again), watching the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It is a long movie and it has not Tatiana's full attention. Whether she likes Noomi or Rooney better as Lisbeth......hmmmm.....Tatiana probably has to go with Noomi.
That dead, bloody cat on the porch was gross btw.
The sun is shining in Kenai today again. Tatiana can watch the birds eating from the bird feeders on the balcony from where she is sitting.
After this movie is done, Tatiana will get dressed and do something productive. Like go and get a latte.
Actually she has to do dishes first. The kitchen is a disaster. Tatiana is not in the mood to bother.
Yesterday Mikey called Tatiana while he was shopping for jeans at the Diesel store at the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas. Tatiana SOOOOO wanted to be there! Iced vanilla latte in hand, flip flops on feet, browsing for some jeans. She has seen a recent ad for some super cute Diesel jeans that she would looove to try on.
Tatiana got her first Diesel stuff a long time ago, when she still lived in Sweden.
Anyways, not much to report here, Tatiana already told you......Kenai is boring. No drama here.
Tatiana has to come up with some to keep things interesting......


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Kathy on :

I like when you write about things you have seen at work, or things your have done in life or learned along the way.
This is off the wall but what hair products do you use on all that long that hair?!

Tatiana on :

Hair products coming right up!

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