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Answer to a comment......

Tatiana got this comment recently to one of her blogs "AHA!!!".

"Strippers cash in on lonely oilmen" sounds like you are victimizing some poor guy who is powerless against you.
With my pretty wife's permission, I went to Heartbreaker's with the intention of spending $100. I had one beer, tipped the dancer on stage and enjoyed a couple of lap dances. The girl had a beautiful figure and was very nice. I liked her. When the hundred was gone I left.
There was no victim in this transaction.'

Exactly Dave, there was no victim! Tatiana agrees! Neither you or the lovely dancer were victims. Everybody is at the strip club by choice.
Nobody forced you to get dances and nobody forced the dancer to be in there. Unless we are talking about sex slaves here, which Tatiana
highly doubts is going on at the strip clubs in Williston. Tatiana is happy to hear that you have a great relationship with your wife, an honest one.
If she is ever in town, come in together next time!


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Dan the Awesome on :

I used to cash in on lonely oilmen. Then i found longhaul truckers. Their hands, their skin, thier touch, was oh so inviting

Tatiana on : are too much......
And Awesome!

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