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Update from Tatiana

Here I am again, typing away on my little MAC to tell you all about the latest news from Williston.....
Last night started really slow.....when 8 PM rolled around people finally started coming in.
The club closes at around 12 50 AM. Do you really think it is possible to squeeze in 100 dances in less than four hours to make that $2000?
I heard many girls complaining last night. One said that it was her worst trip out here ever, from an earning standpoint.
Another said that she makes more at some other club she works at.
I am happy that I came here but I wasn't expecting to be able to pay off one of my mortgages after this trip either.
The last two hours got busy last night and it was fairly easy to get dances.
I've had girls e mailing me saying that they heard you can make anything from
$4000- 10 000/night here. Let me just tell you this, if you are planning on working inside the club only, doing lap dances only, like I do,
then you will NOT make $10 000/night, unless a miracle happens and some very generous person hands you that money as a tip, and that
has not happened to me. But never say never!
I have been corresponding with a girl that tells me she works at some club in LA, she claims she makes $800 on a slow night and $1500 on a
good one. I don't make $800 on slow nights, less than that. So if you girls make $ 800 on SLOW nights at whatever club you are working at,
then maybe coming to Williston would be a waste of time for you, just saying.......
I should probably add here that I do CLEAN dances ONLY. That means, not letting anyone touch my boobs or in between my legs. No flashing of the private parts in a topless club.
I do not suck, lick, bite on any body parts, including ears. I do not put my mouth on peoples (dirty) pants in the crotch area
and do the "humming" thing. And I do not stroke guys over the crotch area with my hands. Neither do I flip upside down or stand over people and
put my private bits in their face. Ever. I have seen all of that, not mentioning where....... But if you get your VAGINE touched during dances
and stroke guys private parts with you hands, of course you will make more $ than me on average and you can write all about your earnings on certain online search sites.........
Me, NO WAY! I have always been a clean dancer and intend on keeping it that way. I am way more valuable than money.
I think getting very close to somebody while wearing cute panties should be enough, no need to bring to whole circus act to the show.


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