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Tatiana's day so far......

Tatiana is back at Meg-A-Latte, she visits daily, loves the place - it is so nice. Today she tried french vanilla in her latte instead of vanilla,
she prefers vanilla (especially natural vanilla), back to that tomorrow. Earlier Tatiana had huevos rancheros from Don Pedros.
As you can see, Tatiana's latte card is almost filled up, a free latte soon! You can also buy the beautiful art work gracing the walls
inside Meg-A-Latte.

Tatiana thinks that The Williston Herald should do an interview with her, she has plenty to say......they already know of her blog......

Soon, it will be time to shower. Tatiana applied self tanner before bed last night.
How was work last night? Tatiana did ok, not great. Actually Tuesday was the slowest night for Tatiana $ wise at both clubs.
But Tatiana is here to work, every night, until she goes home. Slow or not slow. Something is better than nothing!
Somehow the DJ guessed that Tatiana loves "Beautiful Monster" by Ne-Yo - he played it for her, Tatiana was very happy.


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